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Part 2: Quickly packaging services using Nix flakes

In the first part of this series, we learned how to package a small Go application into a Nix flake. In this second part, we will add a service definition and corresponding NixOS module to it, so that we can easily use it on our machines running NixOS! Read more

Part 1: Quickly packaging services using Nix flakes

Even though Nix has the most and most up-to-date packages, there is always some software you use that is not included yet. You could of course just download a binary, but if you are reading this you probably would like a more declarative way of dealing with the software you use. Thankfully, Nix flakes make it quite easy and quick to package most software. You can even add a NixOS module in the same flake to tell the OS how to configure the service and run it as a systemd service. Read more

zrepl on

A while ago I got a testing account on to try out the experience of using it with zrepl. The experience I has been quite wonderful, and I want to share what I learned with you. Read more